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The Long Ride Pt2

I was so exhausted when I arrived in Port Hedland on Sunday evening that I knew I had to  do something.  I seriously considered abandoning the bike and finding some other way to get to Hall’s Creek. That silly thought … Continue reading

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The medication makes me dozy so i sleep around twelve to sixteen hours a day in four-hour spurts. I have mastered the sleeping position and sleep so comfortably i do not need to move. i awake well rested and extremely cheerful.  today … Continue reading

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Nostalgia Nosh

I love black pudding.  I have not seen any for years.  I was thinking of the delicious Irish Breakfast I had in Ballyvaughan so long ago, and pining for a taste of black pudding.  The local butcher undertook to get some in, … Continue reading

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Dear Diary

Something is wrong. The black dog has me by the knee and is worrying me sore.  I had hoped for some good news this week, and I have had no word.  Val pointed out that no news is good news.  The … Continue reading

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Ah Me, Ah My

Life is full of little difficulties when one has only one fully functional arm.  I have a steadily  increasing appreciation of the problems facing the metaphorical one-armed paperhanger. Tasks such as hanging a calendar, putting things in high cupboards, cleaning … Continue reading

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Science Friction

Among the movies Kane dropped around was a copy of Thrive. I saw the name Deepak Chopra associated with it, and was immediately suspicious.  I looked it up on IMDB. What I learned was enough to make me decide not … Continue reading

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1350 hrs, Sunday.  Phone rings. “There are kids on dirt bikes next door riding round making noise”. “The Noise Control Act is mainly about controlling unreasonable noise at unreasonable hours. I don’t think I can help you much at this … Continue reading

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