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Well worth reading. Educated women are the world’s  future. SundayReview | OP-ED COLUMNIST What’s So Scary About Smart Girls? MAY 10, 2014 Nicholas Kristof WHEN terrorists in Nigeria organized a secret attack last month, they didn’t target an army barracks, a police department or … Continue reading

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1985 Reprise

Solomon islands, 1985 I had been on tour, and at some point a mosquito bite on my leg became infected, turning into a massive and quite deep abscess. What we called a “boila” or boil. This was so big that … Continue reading

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Drop bears target tourists, study says

Drop bears target tourists, study says BY AMY MIDDLETON | Drop bears are less likely to attack people with Australian accents, according to experts at Curtin University in Perth. DROP BEARS TARGET PEOPLE with foreign accents more often than those who are Australian-born, … Continue reading

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A Depressing Thought.

Sad, is it not, to think that when John Keats was my age, he had been dead for 38 years longer than he had lived. Still, never mind eh?   His name is not forgotten.  

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Advanced Technology

1960. Mum had a new Bernina Sewing machine. I came home from Billy Smith’s place one day and told her that Billy’s mum had a better one.   Mrs Smith’s sewing machine did not need electricity.    They had very … Continue reading

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The Bonnie Earl O’ Murray

Ye Hielands and ye Lowlands O whaur hae ye been? Thae hae slain the Earl o Moray And they’ve laid him on the green He was a braw callan An he played at the ba’ O the bonnie Earl of … Continue reading

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Well, that’s it. The Vatican has pulled him into line. The promising new Pope is now officially just another criminal dickhead. Pope: Child abuse criticism unfair Pope Francis uses a rare interview to launch a defence of the Catholic Church’s … Continue reading

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