Nostalgia Nosh

I love black pudding.  I have not seen any for years.  I was thinking of the delicious Irish Breakfast I had in Ballyvaughan so long ago, and pining for a taste of black pudding.  The local butcher undertook to get some in, and after a long wait it arrived last week.  I was so happy I bought the lot. Twenty five dollars worth.

I prepared some for breakfast the next morning and was, to put it mildly, bitterly disappointed.  The sausage was dry and so bland as to be almost tasteless.  The black pudding I know is moist, slightly fatty, with a pleasant herbal flavour.  This, however, was crap.  And here I was, stuck with almost a kilo of the stuff.  There had to be a way to salvage it.

I gave it some thought and here is what I did:

Through the Kenwood mincer I put the black puddings, 200 g of fatty bacon, an onion, a carrot, a bulb of garlic and 500g of pork and veal mince.  I added an egg, a little salt and pepper,  a good tablespoon or so of assorted herbs and gave it all a jolly good mix.

I then pressed the mixture into patties, using an egg ring to make them all the same size and thickness.  I laid them on squares of non-stick baking paper and froze them.  Except the two I had for tea.

They were delicious!




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