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Dear Diary

Something is wrong. The black dog has me by the knee and is worrying me sore.  I had hoped for some good news this week, and I have had no word.  Val pointed out that no news is good news.  The … Continue reading

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End of the Year

I am told that people who blog about their employers, and what goes on at their workplace, may find it difficult to find future employment.   I can say that as from Christmas Eve, Michelle, my very valued and respected … Continue reading

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Snippets There is something wrong with my laptop. Or with the cellular modem that connects me to the internet.  Half the time I try to access any webpage I get a DNS lookup failed error message. I suspect it may … Continue reading

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And Now for the More I Promised Later, Earlier On.

Last Tuesday night I played my first ever game of Dungeons and Dragons.  It seems I am slowly losing my grip on life and sinking gradually ever deeper into Geekdom. I was a crystalline bowman bard in a travelling band, … Continue reading

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