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I had to change the dressing this evening.  Cool scar.

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This week, I had my first food complaint in years.  A dear little old lady who is quite a well-known character here in Katanning called me to complain that she ate some sushi which tasted like petrol, burned her mouth and throat … Continue reading

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My Psychological State

Andrew dropped off the latest two episodes of series four of Game of Thrones last night. Needless to say, I watched them both before retiring.  I am not sure what, if any, significance that has to the night that followed. … Continue reading

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A Collation of the Irrational

A work in progress from IMGUR. Click it to see full size.

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Technological Innovation of the Century

Facebook has been pestering me with advertisements for this device.     Egg Minder Wink App-Enabled Smart Egg Tray This amazing piece of technology allows you to: View amount of eggs in tray through app on mobile device Receive notifications … Continue reading

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Lost Weekend Yet Again

The weather has been dull and cool. I have been disinclined to do anything much.  I have already reported that I optioned out of a ride this weekend.   Nothing much has filled the gap.  The housework remains neglected except … Continue reading

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Bearded Loon

I am growing a beard again. It seems, to have any street cred in this part of the world, a biker needs a beard.   I have a creditable bike, I have the paunch and the attitude, I even have the … Continue reading

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