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I am beginning to get an inkling of the sense of fun that trolls get.  I am not against hunting. As a recreational pastime and as a source of food it is fine. Attempting to exterminate an indigenous species out of misguided … Continue reading

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1985 Reprise

Solomon islands, 1985 I had been on tour, and at some point a mosquito bite on my leg became infected, turning into a massive and quite deep abscess. What we called a “boila” or boil. This was so big that … Continue reading

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Most Australians refer to my professional title – Environmental Health officer – as “Ee Haitch Oh”  whereas I refer to myself as an “Ee Aitch Oh”.   I was perplexed over why so many Aussies aspirate the aitch, which to me sounds very wrong.  Proper pronunciation had been drummed … Continue reading

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Bunyip Sighting in Western Australia

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Cape Kidnappers, New Zealand, 1979. Some weird stuff happening. This is the last known sighting of the dreaded Taniwha of Cape Kidnappers that had terrorised the area for over 250 years. The first sighting by a European was by Captain … Continue reading

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Happiness is in the quiet, the petal falling from the rose, the light flickering as we sit silent. ~Virginia Woolf.

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The Heat Goes On

The day began this morning with a cloud-filled sky.  The air was pleasantly cool and the breeze carried a hesitant promise of rain.  I was sure I felt a slight touch of moisture on my cheek, as light and as … Continue reading

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Speaking of treading lightly, this is pretty interesting.  

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Science Friction

Among the movies Kane dropped around was a copy of Thrive. I saw the name Deepak Chopra associated with it, and was immediately suspicious.  I looked it up on IMDB. What I learned was enough to make me decide not … Continue reading

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Another Severe Thunderstorm Warning for damaging wind and heavy rainfall was issued this afternoon for our area.  The drought is so bad at present that everyone hopes the promised rain comes.  In all the time I have been here, I have … Continue reading

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