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The Long Ride Pt2

I was so exhausted when I arrived in Port Hedland on Sunday evening that I knew I had to  do something.  I seriously considered abandoning the bike and finding some other way to get to Hall’s Creek. That silly thought … Continue reading

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Death and Destruction

Today was Kidney Specialist day.   I decided the Silver Lady and I would have a day out.  First I slept in until the time I usually start work, then had a leisurely shower.  A good way to start a … Continue reading

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1985 Reprise

Solomon islands, 1985 I had been on tour, and at some point a mosquito bite on my leg became infected, turning into a massive and quite deep abscess. What we called a “boila” or boil. This was so big that … Continue reading

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Lost Weekend Yet Again

The weather has been dull and cool. I have been disinclined to do anything much.  I have already reported that I optioned out of a ride this weekend.   Nothing much has filled the gap.  The housework remains neglected except … Continue reading

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The Bonnie Earl O’ Murray

Ye Hielands and ye Lowlands O whaur hae ye been? Thae hae slain the Earl o Moray And they’ve laid him on the green He was a braw callan An he played at the ba’ O the bonnie Earl of … Continue reading

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Cape Kidnappers, New Zealand, 1979. Some weird stuff happening. This is the last known sighting of the dreaded Taniwha of Cape Kidnappers that had terrorised the area for over 250 years. The first sighting by a European was by Captain … Continue reading

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Four Thirty Thoughts

It is 0430. The temperature is a pleasant 18, but the fresh breeze blowing through the security insect screens in the open windows and door makes it seem much cooler after the warm days we have had lately.  There is … Continue reading

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1350 hrs, Sunday.  Phone rings. “There are kids on dirt bikes next door riding round making noise”. “The Noise Control Act is mainly about controlling unreasonable noise at unreasonable hours. I don’t think I can help you much at this … Continue reading

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The Great Career Limiting Move

A year ago today, I wrote of the Australia Day Breakfast, and that it did not have my official sanction.  I am pleased to report that this year the event is authorised by a permit issued with my signature, and … Continue reading

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Whenever I take the trouble to watch an opera, I am always just a little surprised each time, because I really enjoy it.  Yet I have never considered myself an opera fan.  It helps a great deal if I know … Continue reading

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