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Sometimes He Just Sits and Stares


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End of Romance – A poem, for you.

You know that empty feeling you get When you take a huge dump Following a few days’ constipation. That is the feeling I have Now you are gone.

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A Brief History of Time

    Click it for a closer look.

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My Psychological State

Andrew dropped off the latest two episodes of series four of Game of Thrones last night. Needless to say, I watched them both before retiring.  I am not sure what, if any, significance that has to the night that followed. … Continue reading

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Someone on Facebook took offence at my jocular comment If I had realised at the time that Lebanese was actually a nationality, not a lifestyle choice, I would have asked her to marry me.  Damn. I deleted their comment, not … Continue reading

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The Bonnie Earl O’ Murray

Ye Hielands and ye Lowlands O whaur hae ye been? Thae hae slain the Earl o Moray And they’ve laid him on the green He was a braw callan An he played at the ba’ O the bonnie Earl of … Continue reading

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Well, that’s it. The Vatican has pulled him into line. The promising new Pope is now officially just another criminal dickhead. Pope: Child abuse criticism unfair Pope Francis uses a rare interview to launch a defence of the Catholic Church’s … Continue reading

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Too Much Information

I went down to Albany today, to visit my sleep therapist.  I took the opportunity to do some shopping. I bought a new battery and a dash mat for the Camry, some hard to find (in Katanning) food ingredients, and … Continue reading

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A Truffle Shared is a Truffle Halved.

Yesterday, all my truffles seemed so far away. Now it looks as though they’re here to stay. Truffle oil.  Who would have thought that a few drops could make such a difference to a dish? I made mashed potatoes and artichoke … Continue reading

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