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Well worth reading. Educated women are the world’s  future. SundayReview | OP-ED COLUMNIST What’s So Scary About Smart Girls? MAY 10, 2014 Nicholas Kristof WHEN terrorists in Nigeria organized a secret attack last month, they didn’t target an army barracks, a police department or … Continue reading

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Definitely… Even an atheist can appreciate this. Kim Murphy-Stewart why do we always blame God? Alan Freshwater   – because we cannot accept responsibility for our own actions. – because we cannot accept that the universe is a series of semi-random events in … Continue reading

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FREE adverb without cost or payment. synonyms: without charge, free of charge, for nothing, complimentary, gratis,   at no cost; informal for free, on the house Nothing is free. The sign said “Buy two, get one free”.  I asked for just the free one.  Turns out it wasn’t … Continue reading

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Someone on Facebook took offence at my jocular comment If I had realised at the time that Lebanese was actually a nationality, not a lifestyle choice, I would have asked her to marry me.  Damn. I deleted their comment, not … Continue reading

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Cruise Control

Bruce Rock I drove to Bruce Rock Thursday evening, stayed in a pleasant little cabin, ate an excellent Thai green curry prawn soup at the roadhouse, and consulted with the nice Thai lady who cooked it regarding the ingredients. I really like … Continue reading

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Danae, an old friend from school days, posted a link from Goodreads on Facebook. They claim: BBC Believes You Only Read 6 of These Books… The BBC believes that most people will have read only 6 of the 100 books … Continue reading

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Well, that’s it. The Vatican has pulled him into line. The promising new Pope is now officially just another criminal dickhead. Pope: Child abuse criticism unfair Pope Francis uses a rare interview to launch a defence of the Catholic Church’s … Continue reading

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Science Friction

Among the movies Kane dropped around was a copy of Thrive. I saw the name Deepak Chopra associated with it, and was immediately suspicious.  I looked it up on IMDB. What I learned was enough to make me decide not … Continue reading

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Lost Civilisation

Friends tell me it is time I moved back to civilisation.  I would move to civilisation in a trice if I knew where it was…

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Ad Serving

The Internet thinks it knows me.  I check out a couple of motorcycle sites and the advertising to which they decide to expose me suddenly becomes filled with –  not ads for bikes (they clearly assume,  correctly, I already have … Continue reading

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