Backstory 1

One is Urbaz.  Baz that was.  You may still call it Baz, or Urbaz, if you wish.  It matters not.  One is.

One knows better now what it means to be Shardmind, because now one is no longer wholly Shardmind.  Yet one remains Shardmind and somehow more.

One knows one was almost, but not entirely, destroyed by the Consuming Beast.  For a time one became nothing more than a concentrated thought.  A confined vibration.  As one’s energy waned one felt only guilt that one had not achieved harmony and one felt also a terrible longing to disperse and to go to reconstitute the Living Gate.  For a brief euphoric moment one felt hope that this may at last be one’s destiny achieved.   But one has returned, recalled to this plane more imperfect and disparate than ever.  One has been filled with too many alien thoughts. Thoughts that are anathema to the purity of one’s origin.  One has become attuned to all the creatures one has encountered, and most particularly to those one has destroyed.  One has become soiled.  Yet one also now has greater awareness of the spectrum that is life, and greater determination to restore the balance by understanding and combating evil in all its forms.

When the Consuming Beast died around the failing Baz, part of the beast’s own being became a part of Baz.  Then it was that Baz saw that one had assimilated much that was not Baz to begin with.  Rather than becoming perfect through one’s deeds, one had become contaminated.  Baz realised too, the Living Gate was but a dream and a memory.  The Living Gate had failed before.  Should it be rebuilt and revived, it may well fail again.   Better that Baz forsake the pursuit of perfection and return, and simply become one’s own Living Gate to battle and destroy such evil as it finds within the realms it travels.  Baz must also overcome the imbalance within itself.

Such is the simple philosophy and purpose of Urbaz, Baz that was.  One has no want or desire, other than the riddance of wrong and the restoration of right.  One has no needs other the revival and rejuvenation to be found in the harmonies of music.  One has no interest in gain of material things other than to acquire such items as may be needful to pursue ones purpose.

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