A New Direction

It is a well-known fact that one should not post anything on-line about one’s job or one’s employers unless one is posting cheerful and positive stuff. Anything else might be taken amiss and could lead to disciplinary procedures.  In fact disciplinary procedures may ensue from merely making the wrong comment to the wrong person.  As they did with me.

So I have not been feeling very positive lately. Hence the hiatus in my posts.  There have been some good days of course. I have not spent the last two months in a complete funk. I have been a little preoccupied with matters over which I have no control, and over matters that needed control.  With things on my mind I found it difficult to write about other things.

Sometimes the best way to deal with a difficult, unhappy situation is to leave it behind.

I am pleased at last to announce that yet another phase of my working life is about to begin as I am soon to take up a new position in a new place.  Hall’s Creek.  A new job with new challenges.  I am leaving here because of the things I have not written about.  Enough to say I am one of many left or leaving, and there is barely a half-dozen staff left who worked here when I started. Someone should probably look into why that is so. (That is the comment I made to the wrong person).

With only a few years left until retirement becomes at least a possibility, if not yet a definite probability (due to potentially insufficient funding) I am hoping this is my last job change before I become a grey nomad, spending my days in endless roving. Not the end I had in mind only a few years ago, but an attractive option given the limited resources I shall have, and the solitary status I currently enjoy. If “enjoy” is the right word.   Being a traveller also opens the possibility of supplementing my income with occasional work standing in for other EHOs in remote areas who may wish to take leave or who need additional assistance on occasion.  It does mean I need to shuck off a lot of the accumulated material debris that clutters my life and find a suitable mobile home in which to live and travel.  That shall be my personal goal for the next few years. To find an affordable way to travel and live until dementia or disability.

I am heading north, back to the tropics, where my arthritis troubles me less and the lifestyle is laid back.  At least I hope it is.  I do know the knee situation will improve, because in the few days I spent up there last week, attending an interview and looking around, I suffered no discomfort at all.  That alone is a good reason to move.  The temperature while I was there was between 36 and 42 celsius, dropping to a mild 28 at night. It was not oppressively humid. The warm air caressed my skin like silken sunlight. it felt good.  I had an almost lacrimonial feeling of coming Home.

I guess the tropics got to me.  I should have headed back that way long ago.

I am not sure how much motorcycling I shall be able to do from now on.  I shall surely take occasional trips to Broome or some other main town.  I shall at least ride the bike up there. That will take about a week and shall be my holiday before I start the new job. I have not had a proper holiday since I went over to see the girls and my dad last September.  Before that, the ride to Karijini with Dave.

I have already sold my car. Kane needed one when he left a couple of weeks ago and selling it to him seemed opportune for us both, as well as a positive affirmation that I was going to get a job with the use of a vehicle.  Now I just need to triage my possessions and dump some, give some away, and ship the rest off to my new home.  That will keep me busy for a bit.

A few shots follow, taken last week between Kununurra and Halls Creek (I flew to Kununurra via Broome and drove a rental down to the interview- a pleasant four day trip, with a little time to look around):


image image

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

image image

About Uisce úr

Though I am old with wandering Through hollow lands and hilly lands, I will find out where she has gone, And kiss her lips and take her hands; And walk among long dappled grass, And pluck till time and times are done, The silver apples of the moon, The golden apples of the sun.
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4 Responses to A New Direction

  1. Devereau Dinsdale says:

    Don’t give up on your commentary of life as you see it etc Alan. I have enjoyed your comments and appreciate your caution at establishing yourself in a new town and meeting a new bunch of mates. I am sure there will be a motorcycle club etc to feel out. Don’t give up the Silver Lady, she is part of your personal life. I am sure I am writing for others who have kept an eye on your posts. Please don’t give up the posts!
    Safe moving to your new town in Aussie
    Cheers for now
    Dev Dinsdale


    • Alan says:

      Cheers Dev. I may have to exchange the silver lady for something more practical on dirt roads, but I am still determined to grow old disgracefully!


  2. Alan says:

    Aaaw! Thanks Andrea! I will miss all you nice folks here.


  3. A new and exciting journey, for sure!
    I hope this offers you a safe and happy place to be, even though I will miss you heaps!


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