i am typing one-handed.  my left arm is now in a sling. the most sophisticated of slings i have ever seen.  a veritable rolls-royce of slings.  it is like motorcycle jacket, armoured and padded and fitted with accessories. so complicated we needed a training session to learn how to drive it.  it is designed to keep my shoulder in a particular position. the padding holds my arm out away from my body.  for the shoulder to heal  i must keep my upper arm as immobile as possible for the next few weeks while exercising the other parts of the arm so the muscles do not atrophy.  i must carry out some regular physiotherapy tasks which at this stage are mainly not for the shoulder but for the other parts of the arm. right now i can use my left arm much less than i could before, so i am learning even more about what it means to be disabled.  i have to invent new workarounds.   i have a very comprehensive pain management drug routine, and i already love these pills.  the next 6 days will be very interesting.

i had the operation on thursday, as planned, but it turned out i had to stay in hospital overnight.  i was so lucky that Michelle was happy to stay with her family nearby and come to pick me up this morning.  i cannot express how much i appreciate it.



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2 Responses to cut

  1. Pilgrim33 says:

    That is one classy sling.
    Does it have a concealed laser blaster?

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  2. Bob says:

    You lucky bugger to be so young. When I broke my right arm 30+ years ago there were none of these services and no physio. I was in plaster of Paris for 6-9 months, my right arm is still significantly waeker than my left and I can still only type left handed. Do the physio.

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