In Praise of Tea

In the first week of June  I pinched a nerve in my back while pulling water samples up from one of the monitoring bores.  I was fine for a few days, just a bit sore, then suddenly I had shooting pains  down my right leg, and it collapsed from under me every time I tried to step up a stair. Also when I got out of the car before I learned to go let leg first and drag the right behind.

Kane took me to ER on Friday the sixth, because i was in extreme pain and could barely walk. The doc gave me some really super pain medication called Oxycodone Hydrochloride,  and labelled “Controlled Drug – Possession Without Authority Illegal” and, rather redundantly I thought, “Keep out of Reach of Children“.  I spent the next few days floating in a cheerful haze which, sadly was not actually pain-free.  I still hurt, but I was cheerful about it.  I wonder what it would have been like without the meds.  Anti-inflammatories helped too and I was back at work after four days, though not quite as good as new.  The entire front of my right leg is still numb, even now, and I continue to favour it, especially on stairs.   It still aches and unlike the arthritis, the pain is not limited to one part but seems to spiral around my leg from groin to thigh to calf.  I am back on Voltaren 50s again.

Last week was another hard  week at work.   Just one thing and another.  Quite a few people were away ill.  A lurgy has knocked them about.   I had managed to avoid catching it,  I thought, until Friday afternoon when I suffered the tell-tale aching-all-over-syndrome.  My head was thick and sore, and I began to sniffle.

Which was a shame because I was to attend the latest Amateur Dramatic production at the Town Hall that night.  The audience watch seated at tables as they eat and drink provisions they bring along.  It would have been a lot of fun.   On Thursday night I had made lemper  as my contribution to the table.  I reheated it after work and got Sam to collect it before I retired to my electric blanket for the night.  I was truly desperate for a good sleep.  I was really run down after a really bad month.

Excitement mounts as I prepare for the arm operation next Thursday, to be  followed by a two-week holiday at home.  I am told I am really going to feel some pain then.  Meh.  I am used to pain.  I just want my arm back.

I figured I must get rid of this lurgy though, because it is possible they will not want to operate on a sick patient. FSM knows when it would be done if they reschedule.

I am down to one coffee a day now.  Tea has completely replaced all the coffees, fruit drinks and juices I used to drink.  I drink my tea with just a splash of lemon juice and a tab of artificial sweetener, or with a splash of diet lime juice cordial.   What relevance does this have?  Simply this: I have been experimenting with tea and found that it makes me feel better.  I am drinking at least two litres a day.  The single coffee I have in the morning is a good kick-start, but coffee combined with the diuretic kidney pills I take was giving me a raging thirst by the afternoon, and I was waking up every morning at 2 AM, with a mouth drier than a desiccated road-kill lizard.  I cannot drink fruit drinks and soft drinks all the time, and the “diet” drinks taste like crap.   Bottled water is a rip-off.   Tap water doesn’t appeal, though Istill drink a fair bit.  It is acceptable once chilled.  Mainly, I drink tea.  I have come to really love tea again.

I am drinking Yorkshire tea, Dilmah, Earl Grey, Green tea, Orange and Ginger, and my new favourite, Twinings Cranberry and Pomegranate, all with a splash of lemon and some with a tab of sweetener.   I drink it both hot and chilled.

Hot tea with a dash of Stone’s Green Ginger Wine not only tastes ok, but is a good soporific, and sees me through the night if I am in pain. Tea with SGGW and a Berocca tastes fine and is spectacular to watch when you drop the Berocca in.  It erupts most satisfyingly.   I had some this morning after a quick call of nature and a little breakfast at 5 AM, and I believe it has driven off the lurgy.  I slept through to midday today and feel fine.


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Though I am old with wandering Through hollow lands and hilly lands, I will find out where she has gone, And kiss her lips and take her hands; And walk among long dappled grass, And pluck till time and times are done, The silver apples of the moon, The golden apples of the sun.
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2 Responses to In Praise of Tea

  1. Bob says:

    I’m with you re the tea although I’ll stick to Ceylon. Tiki is with you re the ginger wine but can’t get it here. We are both with you re your troubles and wish you well with the op on Thursday.

    This is excellent:


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