It pays to shop around.  For two years I just renewed my car insurance when the reminder came.  More fool me.  This year, though the “agreed value” has dropped to $6,400 the premium went up to $740.  I phoned RAC and asked what they would charge.  $540.  The same payout value – guaranteed.   And what is more they give unlimited glass cover and allow monthly payments which the previous lot did not.  Guess who I am with now?


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3 Responses to Insurance

  1. Alan says:

    Some things in Aus are very expensive. I guess the risks are greater here. Great distances increas the cost of a prang for a start, bad roads, kangaroos and emus make it worse, I suppose.


  2. Sue says:

    But you had a claim, they always charge more after a claim. Found RAC really good with ours. When we claimed and they fixed it straight away.


  3. dayvebutler says:

    Crikey your insurance is expensive. I just did my car for $14,000 and it cost around $300. With glass cover too.

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