Usually I am not interested in sweet foods.  I rarely eat cake or biscuits, or have a dessert. In fact I would eschew dessert in favour of a second helping of prawns or potato any time.   So it is odd that I have lately been baking such things as malt loaves and chocolate self saucing sponge puddings when I have no reason.

I would normally prepare such things only when sharing food for a morning tea or pot luck meal.   Once I have made them and sampled them, I am quite happy to freeze them, or even feed them to the wildlife.  I now have malt loaf and choc pudding stored away or frozen, and today it came into my head to make muesli bars.  Pretty good ones too, as it turns out.  I shall probably take them to work tomorrow.  Too good to feed to magpies and possums.

Last night after the possum had eaten the vege scraps I left out for her, leftovers from the carrot and capsicum sambal I made yesterday,  I put some of my malt loaf out.  She came back to eat that.  I think she likes it more than I do.

Right now I am thinking I would like something with an orange flavour.  What is going on in my head?   For tea tonight I shall reheat a serving of the rendang I made yesterday  with the remains of the sambal.  There are three more helpings of rendang in the freezer.  But I am thinking about oranges…




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Alone in a sea of spinifex.
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2 Responses to Zest

  1. Pilgrim33 says:

    Probably because of this post I decided to try the Russian Standard Vodka I picked up some time ago.
    BUT! I had run out of Roses Lime Cordial(n.b. all spirits can be mixed with lime and soda as a before-dinner drink.
    Although one acquaintance(of short continuance) who added those to my VERY expensive Hennessy Cognac will burn for it.)
    So I opened the locally produced lime juice,not from concentrate,made in New Ziiland,real citrus squeezins and used that.
    I might buy this in future and avoid the sugar.


  2. Pilgrim33 says:

    Add to vodka,leave in fridge 24hrs,drink,regret.


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