Cruise Control

Bruce Rock

I drove to Bruce Rock Thursday evening, stayed in a pleasant little cabin, ate an excellent Thai green curry prawn soup at the roadhouse, and consulted with the nice Thai lady who cooked it regarding the ingredients. I really like Thai green curry with its combination of coconut cream, spicy fragrance, chilli and sweetness.  I am going to make one for myself this weekend.  I shall probably end up with a week’s supply.  No problem. I can happily eat it every day.  (EDIT: I did.)

On Friday I attended a meeting of my Healthie colleagues at the Bruce Rock Shire Council Chambers.  We heard from the Departments of Health and Environmental Regulation about changes in legislation and environmental licensing regimes.  And we networked and shared.

Driving home I had to stop in Kulin, to let the sun set.  It was in my eyes, and one cannot afford to have anything distract ones attention on these roads.  Some of them are narrow, barely wide enough for two vehicles to pass, so a slight misjudgement could be disastrous.  Only a short while ago two road trains collided not far from here, admittedly on a main highway, but the main cause was sunstrike.  One driver was killed, his wife who had been asleep in the back of the cab, is still in intensive care.  A major chemical incident also resulted because some nasty acids, bases and pesticides were spilled on the road.

This is why I have come to really like cruise control since I have been here.  I hated it the few times I tried it in NZ, because NZ roads are just not suited to it.  One must constantly brake and reset.  On sudden corners it can actually be frightening. It is just not worth the effort.

Here in WA one can cruise for hours without encountering corners that necessitate braking. one usually only needs to slow for different speed zones and road works now and then.  The open road limit for most roads here is 110 kph.  I am a subscriber to the theory that the chances of dying in a crash double for every 5 kph increase in speed, so unless I need to fit in with a lot of other traffic, I usually set my top speed at 100.

It does not pay to be too different from other road users, because that can cause impatient and risky overtaking at inopportune places.  The good thing about Western Australian drivers is that a very high proportion stick to the limit and are patient with slower traffic, such as road trains and grey nomads with caravans, waiting calmly for an overtaking lane before passing.   It is easy and safest to adjust the cruise speed so you sit three seconds behind the vehicle in front.  I try to make sure I leave in plenty of time and need never hurry.

The big advantage of cruise control is that there is no risk of one’s speed creeping up unnoticed.   Once the sun sets I adjust my top speed down to 95.  In Skippy warning zones I drop to 90. Slower on the bike.  The risk factors call for caution.  It is surprising how very slow ninety seems after having cruised at a hundred for a time.   But I would rather arrive late, than late, as in The Late Alan.

No Ridin’ to Hyden

I was home at 8 last night, and asleep by 8.15.  Surprised to find I slept in until ten am this morning.

I was to have ridden to Hyden today with the lads.  But it is not going to happen.  For the first time I am reluctant to join a ride.  I usually trust my instincts in this situation.  My brain may have unconsciously processed some data that suggests riding a long way today is not a good idea.  Thinking about it, I am due for a new rear tyre soon, and it looks as if it may rain.  Rain after over three months drought could mean some nasty slippery roads where the road trains haul.



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2 Responses to Cruise Control

  1. dayvebutler says:

    I am looking at a new car and cruise control is high on the list of options I want. Used one for the first time last year, and completely sold on them. Especially with these “safer Speed” 90k areas.


  2. Pilgrim33 says:

    My Camry does not have CC and I miss it.


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