Date with a Blade-Wielding Woman


Wishful Thinking…

A nice drive to Bunbury again today.  The appointment was at two, so I did not have to leave as early as yesterday, but I was up and ready, so I did.  Driving to Bunbury is more pleasant than driving to Perth.

I stopped at Collie for breakfast at Macca’s.  The sausage and egg McMuffin and hash browns are the best things they produce, except perhaps for the coffee which has recently improved beyond recognition (though still not as good as mine at home).  

As I left McDonald’s and headed back onto the road, I was surprised to see three skippies on the  roadside, almost in the middle of town.  They did not seem to be troubled by the presence of people but they were at least sensible enough to stay off the road.  

I was in Bunbury by eleven, with three hours to kill before my appointment so I went window shopping, and found some sales. I bought some tumblers, new cargo pants, and a couple of cheap blue ray discs, one of which was the 1953 Alan Ladd classic Shane.  I saw this as a lad at the Henderson Fire Station, where they had monthly movie screenings for the volunteer firemen and their families, shown on an old 16mm projector. I worked at the poultry farm with one of the volunteers, so was always invited along.  I can’t recall much about the film except that I know I liked it, and talked about it a lot at school.  Also, the star had the same first name as me.  

I also picked up World’s End, a Simon Pegg movie.

Speaking of movies,  Don found me a 3D blueray of Gravity last week.   It is absolutely awesome.  A word I only use when it means awesome.   It is a really good film as I have already reported, and it is even better in high-definition and 3D.  I have, however, concluded that contrary to my earnest wish as a young man, I do NOT now want to go into space.

I forgot to pack togs and towel again, which was a shame because it was a perfect day at the beach. Blue sea as flat as a cliché.   No waves.  I  just had to go for a paddle, and get sand  between my toes.  The perfect way to use up the last hour before my appointment at two.  

Dr Pratsis examined me more thoroughly than her predecessor and asked rather sharply if I had this degree of immobility/disability when I was last examined.  I told her I had.  I could see she was choosing her next words carefully as she said it looked as if I should be treated as soon as possible.  She told me that she thought it might be complicated.  The x-ray and ultrasound images did not give her enough to go on, so she would like to arrange an MRI.

Time to ‘fess up.  I admitted I had just been for an MRI at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Perth the previous day.  I started to explain why I had gone to two places for diagnosis, but she interrupted me with “That is perfectly understandable”.  She then went out and spoke to her secretary.  Within 5 minutes she was looking at the results of my MRI.  The wonders of modern technology.

“The soonest I can fit you in is the 26th June, does that suit?”

Hell yeah.  A date.

Paperwork done in a dash.

 “Left shoulder, subacromial decompression by acromioplasty rotator cuff repair”.  

I was then given instructions to take the admission forms to Bunbury Hospital Admissions office, and – as soon as possible – to make an appointment to see the anaesthetist.  At the Hospital they told me I would also need an appointment to see the pre-admission nurse, and there and then,  arrangements were kindly  made for me to see the nurse and the anaesthetist on the same day, to save a trip.  

5th June for the pre-admission stuff, and on the 26th, under the knife.  At last! Sorted.

I guess that means I should cancel appointments with the surgeon at Charlie Gairdner.

After that, nothing more to do in Bunbury but fuel up the car, drink a can of energy drink – the long distance driver’s best friend – and head home.

As I drove back I thought once again what an excellent road this is for motorcycling.  I wished I had taken the bike after all.  I left it behind because there may have been morning skippies on the way, and though I would prefer not to hit them at all, if I did it would be better (for me) if I was in a car.

Bunbury road



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  1. Pilgrim33 says:

    Never seen anyone so anxious to be knifed.


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