A long time ago I took Latin at High School.

For two years we had a very cool teacher, Mr de Leeuw, who was a polyglot. Well, he spoke eleven languages.   He was also quite a raconteur and had a good sense of humour.  

The following year we had someone else, a woman whose name I forget.  She did not seem to have a sense of humour at all.  One day she said to me  “Freshwater, decline ‘this'”

I said “None of those for me thanks”.

There was a silence. Then “Oh, I see. A joke”.


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Alone in a sea of spinifex.
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2 Responses to Declension

  1. Alan says:

    Say hello for me!


  2. DaveB says:

    I just found out Mr De Leuuw is still alive and lives in BOP. He is a member of the local chess club.


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