Planter’s Punch – I’ll do it my way

Reprise. “Best of Blog” time.


There are as many recipes for planters punch as there are alcoholics. Most of them mention Grenadine, Never encountered that before that I am aware of. So I have no idea what I may be missing.

here is my planter’s punch recipe;

Fill a glass with ice cubes made from orange juice (I am using OJ made from concentrate).
I am also using a pint beer mug! It takes a whole tray of ice. 

Ad a good squirt of lime juice (from one of those green plastic bottles of supermarket lime juice)

Add a generous tot of rum.  Since I possess Captain Morgan and we have agreed it is an inferior rum, I am using it up by pouring very generous tipples. in fact, agfter having swallowed only a coupole of drafts from my glass, I find my typoing skills are very badly affected already, and I am brealking out…

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One Response to Planter’s Punch – I’ll do it my way

  1. Pilgrim33 says:

    My standard spirit drink now is 3 fingers of Black Heart,a good dollop of Roses Lime Cordial and top up to 2/3 of the Gift Glass with soda.
    I must try to remember to add the bitters.
    I tend to agree they make most things better.
    I have tried for years to find Peychaud bitters so that I can make a real Sazerac.
    I did buy Grenadine once but could discern no flavour and thus did not bother again.

    Going to the trouble and expense of making a Real Planters Punch with Myers Rum etc. is worth it occasionally.


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