I have been passing time until 10 PM, which is midnight EST, the time my data usage switches to “off-peak”. I want to continue uploading to my motorcycle blog the photographs I kept on Facebook before I closed it, so that I can still share them with folks who ask to see them.    I have been passing time by reading over some of my older blogs.  It made me realise I have become self-centred and boring lately.  More so than usual.

I apologise.

At last. It is ten.

Here is a picture of a happy person I met in Tonga.

Smiling Lady, Nukualofa

Smiling Lady, Nukualofa

And here are three flirty little schoolgirls I shot a few seconds before taking the one above.

Three Little Maids from School.

Three Little Maids from School.


About Alan

Settling into my 7th decade and still determined not to grow up too soon.
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