That Reminds Me of a Joke.

In Auckland, New Zealand there is a bridge that crosses the Mangere inlet of the Manukau harbour.  It replaced an older bridge (you can still see it in the picture) and took over ten years to construct due to industrial action. The workers went on strike and the job was in hiatus while matters were resolved.  For this reason it was known as the black bridge for a long time.

Mangere Bridge

Mangere Bridge

Which brings me to my story.

A Texan arrived at Auckland Airport and hailed a cab to take him to his hotel in Takapuna.  On the way he chatted with the driver, about the sights he saw on the way.  As they crossed the Mangere bridge he remarked on the old bridge alongside.  The driver casually mentioned that the one they were crossing had taken over ten years to build.

“Shoot,” said the Texan, “Back in Dallas this little ol’ bridge would have been up in a month”.

As they passed through the central city the Texan looked up and saw the Sky Tower.

“What’s that?”

“The Sky Tower.  Over the casino”, the driver told him.

“How long did that take to put up?” he asked.

“About three years, start to finish” said the taxi driver.

The Texan was not impressed. “We would have had that little old pole up in less than a year”, he opined.

They drove on, until they came to the Auckland Harbour bridge.  

“What’s this bridge?”

“Fecked if I know.  It wasn’t there yesterday!”

Auckland Harbour Panorama

Auckland Harbour Panorama



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