For those of you waiting eagerly for news of my condition,  (Hi Dad) I  definitely have a torn biceps which it seems is completely detached.  Also it seems I have a torn supraspinatus which it seems is part of the Rotator cuff. so I was part right in my initial self-diagnosis.  This damage explains my lack of ability to lift anything or to move my arm in certain directions.   Surgery is certainly required, I am informed.   God knows how much that will cost.  A pity I am not in NZ.  The one advantage NZ has over Oz is that in NZ the ACC (Accident Compensation Commission) picks up the tab for all accidents whether suffered at home at sport or at work.  Here in Oz it is not so good.  I was not clever, or devious enough to have managed to have this injury while at work.  I don’t have private healthcare cover so now I wait and see, and still pay.  I cannot even get an appointment to see the surgeon until October sometime.  They will let me know “soon” when they can fit me in.  In the meantime the physiotherapist has given me some exercises to go through to try to keep the mobility up.  These entail moving the arm to where it won’t go by itself, using the other arm. For example pulling the bad arm up behind my back using a towel.  As it happens I had been doing each of the exercises she suggested already, in the vain hope of restoring the functions of my arm.  Nice to know I was on the right track, even if for the wrong reason.





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3 Responses to Prognosis

  1. Observations of a Perpetual Motorcyclist says:

    Not good news, I hope the wait for treatment is not too long, and your recovery is swift.


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