A kitten has taken to coming around my place at night.  It is very friendly, but I am doing nothing to encourage it.  I do not approve of cats as pets any more due to the havoc they wreak on native wildlife.  I have considered sending it home with duct tape around it’s neck with a dotted line drawn on it and a memo saying “will cut here if not kept in at night”.


Not that I really would of course.

I was worried at first that she might be dangerous to my frogs, but having observed her ineptness at hunting I conclude they are safe enough.

A  white Muscovy duck has taken up residence in my garden.  She seems content to sit in the corner under the apricot tree.  I feed her, and provided her with water.  I have named her Fang.  I have told the Shire Environmental Health Officer about her, and he agrees with me that technically, since she is free to leave at any time, I am not “keeping” poultry, and therefore need not worry about compliance with the Local Laws on the subject.  It is good to have a reasonable EHO.




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3 Responses to Menagerie

  1. Pilgrim33 says:

    1) Re cat.
    I don’t know about Aussi but here that would have the cops on your doorstep.
    2)That is one FAT duck.
    3) It would be better if I knew how to use italics rather than capitals in comments.


    • Alan says:

      1) Cats out at night are fair game in Oz. All cats must be kept in. New laws going thru will require them to be chipped.
      2 She’s cuddly
      3 I can’t either in the comments box.


      • Pilgrim33 says:

        Fascist cat haters.
        Anyone who thinks birds and lizards are more important than cats is accursed of Bast and will be batted around like a ball of wool for all eternity.


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