Shit Happens – A Reminder.

Carl rang me from Rockingham this morning.  He was very apologetic.  It seems my car was broken into last night while parked in a public carpark.  They took his Iphone. Another reason I prefer to have only a $39 mobile.  No big deal if one loses it – as I already have a few times.  I suspect the thief got my second pair of binoculars too.  What else  he may have scored I shall have to have an inventory for.  I am not sure what I had left in the glove-box  on the back seat, or in the boot.  Not too much of value I hope.  I know I left a pair of binocs in the car just in case I need them.  It was my smaller pair. The better pair I still have here with me.  No cameras lost either, thank the FSM.  They too are all safe here at home.

Carl was feeling very badly about it, but I told him that only one person is to blame for a criminal act, and that is the perpetrator.  I am certainly not going to blame anyone else.  I have been fecked over enough to accept everything as it comes – all as part of life’s vicissitudes.  He has ordered a new window to replace the broken one, there is not much else to be done, except to find out what is covered by my insurance company.


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One Response to Shit Happens – A Reminder.

  1. Alan says:

    I just had a thought and conducted a panicky search for my MP3 player which I finally found. So far so good….


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