Australia Day 2013 in Katanning

“Up betimes” as Mr Pepys used to write.  Coffee and constitutional followed by a concerted attack on the laundry, and tidying up the kitchen of the mess made last night.  Then at 7 am to Lions Park, where the Australia Day Breakfast and celebration was being held.

The Boss was helping out on the breakfast line.  She was handing out plates and balloons and cups of orange drink.  A giant mobile barbecue, attended by half a dozen Lions Club members, was piled with bacon and sausages.  Another barbie was covered in frying eggs.  Beans were bubbling in pots and a pile of buttered bread waited.

The great Australian Bite.

I asked the Boss who had issued the temporary food premises permit for this affair.  I did not recall doing it.

No one had of course.  They had not applied, and never had in the past.

Shall I shut them down and send everyone home?

Probably not a wise move.  Could actually be my second great Career Limiting Move (Remind me to tell you about the first one some time).

It was still  bit early for me. I rarely have an appetite first thing, so I did not partake. Sue and Roy brought their granddaughters, and I chatted with them and with Rose and Moh and Mrs Moh and a few other acquaintances.  Australian music wafted from the speakers.

I come from a land down under…

I should have brought a folding chair with me.  When the speeches and the show began I retired to the edge of the park and sat on the bike to watch the show.

A bush poet read his work.  Humorous verse of a topical nature. Amusing but rather appallingly bad doggerel read in a beautiful resonant voice that raised the works being read to the level of Art simply by making it sound good…

A Malayan drum performance group played and sang. The Katanning Choir sang.  Waltzing Matilda,  I am Australian  and other favourites.  Then followed speeches, presentations and congratulations.  Citizen and Young Citizen of the year.  Advance Australia Fair, more speeches.  Finally everyone on their way.

I had been sitting on my bike.  The White 650. One by one as the show went on over on the dais, people approached me to admire the bike and chat about it and to tell me about the bikes they had, or used to have.  I met yet another Harley owner.  A farmer from a few miles out of town.  When he described his bike, and its unique colour, I told him I had seen it parked outside the church on the corner diagonally opposite where I live.   That was it.  I told him where I live.  He promised to call by sometime and we could go for a ride.  He had not been riding much lately as he had been on chemotherapy.   Hell.

Home, still not really hungry, but I sampled a few spoonfuls of peanut sauce.  It was coming on nicely.  It needs a few hours or even days to reach its peak.  Another cup of coffee, some folding of laundry (from last week) and a quick nap on the sofa before going to the Barbecue at Rachael and Kane’s new place.  They have moved since we celebrated Australia day with them last year.   The new place is a lovely large home very nicely fitted out with a perfectly laid out back yard . A space to sit in the shade of trees and room to garden.  They chose well.   Cindy and her new fella, John were there.  We chatted, cooked  and ate until nearly five.

And that dear reader is what I have done today.  I still have a list of things to complete this weekend, and some riding to do so it is going to be a fun time.

Looks like the weather is holding.  A reasonably pleasant 32 today.

Australia Day

Australia Day

Australia Day

Australia Day

Australia Day

Australia Day

Australia Day

Australia Day

Australia Day

Australia Day

Australia Day Australia Day

Bacon and Bangers

Bacon and Bangers


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8 Responses to Australia Day 2013 in Katanning

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  2. Looks like good fun, good food and good friends… :-) I would have loved to have been there…


  3. Pilgrim33 says:

    So. Tell us about the First Great Career Limiting Move sometime.
    New Zealand bush and farmer poetry has long seemed to me to be utterly valueless except to it’s writers.
    But that’s true of all art.
    Art is purely self-indulgent which is why I oppose The State spending money on it.
    I checked ‘We Are Australian’ by The Seekers and that brought tears to my eyes.
    I used to be that optimistic and idealistic once.
    Off to make Eggs Benedict now.
    Thank you.


    • Alan says:

      I am picturing you with tears in your eyes, Glenn. Thanks for sharing that. It made my day! It takes very little these days to bring tears to my eyes. Even the thought of them in yours….
      The great CLM is on my list of things to write up. It is actually going to be chapter 1 (or2?) of the great autobiographical novel I have been planning.


  4. Amalf123 says:

    I always appreciate your blogs Alan. Nice to see that as Katanning’s cultural ambassador for NZ you are keeping up appearances at these events.


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