Anaphylaxis – Have Satay, Will Travel.

I told Roy, when I saw him  this afternoon, that he is a very lucky man.  Actually I said he is a Lucky Bastard.  Yes. I said it With Capitals, as one does when one is Making an Important Point.

He is lucky because his wife is so Frugal, to put it kindly.  Actually I said because she is such a tight-ass.

Sue and Roy gave me a couple of bags of Malayan satay last week, made by a mutual friend.  In reciprocation I offered to make them a jar of my internationally famous peanut sauce (or saus kacang).  It is internationally famous because I have made it in four different countries for people of over a dozen nationalities.  Even Indonesians and Cambodians admire it, so no false modesty here!

Last night at the Woolworth’s late night shopping I bought the few ingredients that I needed that I did not already have in the pantry.  I told Sue about them this morning.

I have a reason for listing all the ingredients of exotic food before I make it: I have friends who are variously allergic to mustard, rosemary and nuts.  I would hate to kill someone by not mentioning something that might be harmful to them.  So I listed the ingredients.  peanuts of course, tamarind, cumin and coriander, chilli, and so on.  When I got to trasi, or shrimp paste, Sue told me that shrimp would probably kill Roy.  In the next breath she then offered me five percent of his life insurance to leave the trasi in and not mention it.

I held out for fifteen percent – which I thought very reasonable – but she would not budge.

So that is why I told Roy he is a very lucky bastard.

Anaphylaxis is a sucky way to go, anyway.

Add shrimp to the list of ingredients to mention in future. Many people seem not to know it is a common ingredient in south East Asian food.

I made them their batch first, so it would not be tainted by even a trace of oceanic allergen. Then I made mine, which I shall be sharing, along with the satay, at a barbecue tomorrow to celebrate Australia Day.

I shall post the recipe on my cooking blog soon.  It is based on Charmaine Solomon’s recipe from the Complete Asian Cookbook, which my kids now have, but I have tweaked it a good deal, and in my opinion, improved it immensely.  For a start it is made from peanuts, not peanut butter.

Check the cookblog in a day or so and try it for yourself.


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