Groove Unit – A Cover Band Revue

I don’t do music reviews.  I have neither the knowledge nor the vocabulary.  I probably don’t have the experience either, seeing that I am rarely in a pub or any other venue at which such acts may be engaged.  However I was at Rocky Gully on Saturday night, and I heard a band playing an eclectic sampling of rock, country and blues with a verve and vigour all their own.  I may not be a connoisseur, but I know what I like, and I enjoyed this band.  They call themselves Groove Unit.  I know nothing about them except there are four of them, or there was that night, and they gave me permission to post my recordings of some of their performances on You tube.

I liked this group because of their tight togetherness when playing, their musicianship, and most of all because they very clearly were enjoying themselves as they performed.  There was a range of songs from Beatles to blues and Stones to contemporary rock, and some stuff with which I am not familiar.  I must say I had a little bit of a “suspension of disbelief” problem when I heard this young Australian voice singing  I was born in Chicago, 1924….  but I got over it.  Take a look at my You Tube page.  The quality is as you might expect when recording in a pub full of drunken bikers.  Never mind that.  Check out the band.

Groove Unit at the Rocky Gully Pub

While you are there you may like to check out the Harley Davidson as a possibility for your next stereo.  It would look good in the lounge!

Green Stereo


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2 Responses to Groove Unit – A Cover Band Revue

  1. And it looks like I will be doing it again soon. My invitation to the Windy Harbour ride next month is confirmed. Also to the Hyden ride the month after. I have accepted both. It seems that whenever a member of this informal club brings along a new rider, there is a conflab after the ride and a consensus reached. The Member is then advised whether or no he is permitted to invite the new person to future rides. I guess I did not blot my copybook.


  2. Alan in a pub full of drunken Harley dogs?
    The imagination boggles.


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