It is a Good Thing that I have come to accept that loss is a normal part of life.  There is a lot of it going about these days.  Last week, somewhere, I put down my car key.  The only one I have.  Replacing it is not simply a matter of taking the number in to the Toyota dealership. even if I knew the number.  Without an original key, the new one cannot be programmed to the car, which means I need to buy a new sensor/processor/thingie as well.  Very expensive.  Damn.

Before I go that far, however, I am going to make damn sure I have really lost the key.  That means a very thorough and extensive search.    It is ironic though.  I visited the Police station and Woolworths, this morning, to see if anyone had handed it in should I have dropped it from my pocket while out.  When I returned to the office, I had lost my glasses again.  A return trip did not find them either.  How I did that I do not know.  Damn.

Then when I returned to work, I was informed I have lost my office.  Without any notice I and Michelle must move in a great shift around that is intended to enable the accommodation of three new managers.  I am about to start packing.  Damn.

And that is all I have to say about that.


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