Iascaire agus oráiste agus liomóidí

At lunch I went with Cindy and Carl to buy some fishing gear. Cindy is the expert who knows what we need to catch the local fish.

I spent only the briefest moment ruing that I had left all my rods and tackle behind in NZ.  It is in good hands, and nothing a friend has is lost.

On Friday the three musketeers are off to catch fish down at Two Person Bay, near Betty’s Beach that I wrote of earlier. We return Saturday night, ready for the big Marmalade Party on Sunday. I have a tree full of oranges, some friends have lemons, so we are all gathering at my place to make marmalade and have a barbecue.


About Alan

Settling into my 7th decade and still determined not to grow up too soon.
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3 Responses to Iascaire agus oráiste agus liomóidí

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  2. Alan says:

    That was actually a grammatically awkward sentence. “Nothing is lost that has gone to a friend”?


  3. Observations of a Perpetual Motorcyclist says:

    “nothing a fiend has is lost”, great words.


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