Diagnosis Confirmed.

I have just heard back from the surgeon  at the Institute of Bone and Joint Research, University of Sydney, Department of Rheumatology.  He is in charge of the study I volunteered for.  He has examined the X-rays taken at Katanning Hospital last week and confirms I have osteo-arthritis in both knees. Surprise.   Irish folk will understand when I say I am very glad to hear this, because if I did not have arthritis, what the hell is causing the pain?

So, now I am part of  a “Study of risk factors for Pain exacerbation in osteoarthritis of the Knee” (SPARK-Web).  The study is designed to identify risk factors (physical activity, foot-wear, knee injury, medication use, weather factors, psychological factors) of knee pain and assess their magnitude of effect in those with knee osteoarthritis.

Sounds like fun.  I have been doing my own personal study for some time, and I have already ascertained – to my own satisfaction – that tomatoes are not a factor (thankfully) but cold is, and so are shoes with worn heels.  As a result I have two pairs of perfectly good McKinlays that need resoling before I can wear them again.   I have also satisfied myself that Lyprinol has not been any help.  At least not by itself. So I am going back to the pain medications, Osteo-Panadol and Diclofenac, which I had dropped in an effort to protect my liver while I tried alternatives.  The last week has not been pleasant as a result, and the strain shows in my face.

Roll on the warmer weather.


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  1. A clear case for the use of (medically prescribed) Cannabis sativa.


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