I thought I had killed Ronald Kray.

I found an interesting moss-like weed that grows on the bottom of ponds and streams here in the Shire.  I thought it might look good on the bottom of the aquarium, so I took a small plug of it home, gave it a jolly good rinse under the tap to wash away loose soil and any greeblies in it, and planted it in the tank.  Despite my rinsing efforts and careful placement,  enough dirt came off the plug to murk up the water.  I thought I should give the system a boost of flocculant to help the filters extract the particles.

The bottle of Accuclear says it is safe for aquarium occupants, and so it is proven so far.

However, within a minute of adding it to the tank, Ronald went into convulsions and lay on his back, arched and stiff.  I gently prodded him down to the bubble end, where the filters were aerating the water, in the hopes that the flow might help him recover from whatever ailed him. The obvious thought was the chemical I had just added.

Reginald seemed unaffected, so I was thinking that somehow Ronald must have got a concentrated dose of the flocculant before it dispersed through the tank.  Then Ronald’s back split open and I watched amazed as he extricated himself from his chitinous exoskeleton.  He was moulting!  Whether this was a coincidence, or the chemical somehow triggered the moult I do not know.  I suspect the former.  When it was all over I realised that I had stood gawping and missed a great opportunity to film or photograph the event.  I hurriedly snapped a few photos.

That was interesting.

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9 Responses to Coincidence

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  2. Drama… Life is full of drama…


  3. Alan says:

    In WA there are three local genuses of crayfish – generally known as marron, gilgies and koonacs
    plus the intruder yabbies which are out-competing them. A lot of farm dams are stocked with yabbies as they are good eating and not protected by fishing licence quotas and seasons.


  4. Alan says:

    I had the camera set on “sunset” from the pics I took of the dawn so the saturation is a little enhanced. But I think the colours are in fact more intense because the translucent old exoskeleton is gone.
    In any case the Krays are both growing bluer by the day as a result of being in clear water under good lighting. They were a muddy clay/cream colour when I got them, and I am told by friends who also keep them in an aquarium they will eventually become a quite startling electric blue.

    (Marron are a Western Australian native species of yabbie. The yabbies I have are introduced from the Eastern states).


  5. Observations of a Perpetual Motorcyclist says:

    His colours look more pronounced after the moult, or is that a trick of the light?


  6. Alan says:

    PS. Have you spotted how to tell Reginald from Ronald? Ronnie has two large claws and Reggie has a big one and a smaller one.


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