A Five Kangaroo Day

For some time I have only used the car for carrying groceries home from town.  It is less than a kilometre round trip and I really should walk, but since I do the shopping infrequently, and because I am such an impulsive shopper when I do, there is usually too much for me to bring home at once if I were walking.  So it is hardly surprising that on Thursday, I had to give her a jump-start before I could go anywhere.  I took her for a 60K run around the back roads before going to the supermarket.  I had not intended to go that far, but it is easy to lose one’s bearings and I had not taken Lara.

This morning I decided I needed some exercise, and I thought I should take the Toyota out  again for a bit more charging.  On the road to Marribank, is the Birdwood nature reserve.  I was not expecting to see much at this time of year – certainly not any reptiles – but it had looked like a good spot for a walk.  Get this creaking knee swinging again.

Observation score:  Five kangaroos, one grey heron, a kookaburra, lots of 28s of course, .

I was pretty pleased to meet ‘roos in the middle of the day.  Though there are plenty about the region, one doesn’t usually come across them, unless one is driving a road train at high speed in the dawn or dusk. In such case they are often still to be seen on the roadside later on.   They are shy, and I was slow with the camera.  No good photos.  Same for the heron, which appeared while I was wading with a fishing net in my hand, far from the car.

I had taken along a net and a portable tank for the purpose of getting some more freshwater shrimps from the stream near Marribank.  I struck lucky and pulled some fish as well as a dozen more shrimps.  I caught a pair of native galaxiids and five native minnows for the aquarium.  That was fun.  It took me back fifty-four years to the days we chased cockabullies when I was a lad playing in the stream in Ohariu Valley.

My knee benefited too.  Maybe the pills and nostrums helped, but I am mobile again.  Should be good for the bike tomorrow.

I took a couple of random turns on the way home and was surprised to find myself emerging 10 kilometres out of Woodanilling on the road between Woody and the Albany Highway.

About Uisce úr

Though I am old with wandering Through hollow lands and hilly lands, I will find out where she has gone, And kiss her lips and take her hands; And walk among long dappled grass, And pluck till time and times are done, The silver apples of the moon, The golden apples of the sun.
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