Weekend Rides

A three day weekend,  as Monday is Western Australia Day.  On Saturday I managed to tear myself away from the Aquarium to go for a ride. I headed out to  the back roads to see if I could get closer to the black cockatoos I saw last week.  Didn’t even find them which would have been disappointing were it not for the fact that the ride was the object and the photos are a mere bonus.

on the way back I called in to Ron and Leanne’s  where they have a perpetual garage sale going.  They admired  the bike and  Leanne wanted a spin so I returned later when Ron could watch the shop.  We rode out along the Greenhills road to Broomehill.   It is nice to have a pillion occasionally.  It is pleasant to share the experience of the ride in a way that is different from being with another rider.

On Sunday Brenton and I rode out to Woodanilling and on Monday we headed  to Kojonup for a pie from the bakery, then back via the Broomehill road,  turning off onto a previously untravelled route back through to the Kojonup road. We found some interesting sights and sites to photograph.  I forgot about going back for the black cockatoos.  Another time.  No hurry.

I really should have taken the white lady out and I will when I go after the cockatoos again, because she is much better to handle on gravel.

I did not get away for the weekend as I had intended,  but I got out on the bike all three days.

Good enough.

And today is Tuesday.  We have a head start for Payday.


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2 Responses to Weekend Rides

  1. Alan says:

    You are lucky to have a wife who likes to ride TR! Treasure her.


  2. One of the things I really like about Australia… the vast countryside. I loved the pictures… I like riding best with my wife… sharing the sights, sounds and smells along the way…


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