Yabbie Update

On the yabbie front, I had to give two of the little blighters away.  I just could not keep the aquarium clean.  I kept Reggie and Ronald Kray, and let the others go to Brenton’s fishpond.   In return he gave me some rather pretty native minnows with red tails and silver streaks.

He also gave me a Black Moore.

I executed the last four Gambusia holbrooki and fed them to the Krays.  They would have preyed on the red tails had I let them live.  I also installed an extra, larger filter to cope with the mess from the yabbies.  50% less yabbie, and 150% more filtration, even with the minnows thrown in, seems to be working fine.  Sadly the Black Moore did not last 10 hours.  Late last night I came out to the kitchen/dining room where I keep the tank  and could not see the Moore.  Finally I spotted him still struggling in the clutches of Ronnie Kray.  I rescued him.  He was alive but in a very bad way.  His silly protruding eyes had been chewed off, and he was altogether a mess.  I put him down humanely and flushed him away.

One can hardly blame the yabbies for being what they are.  One might say we can’t blame the Gambusia either, but the fact of the matter is that they do not belong here.  Like cats, foxes, rabbits and cane toads, and even goldfish for that matter, they were introduced.

I don’t have to worry about the redtails being eaten.  They very sensibly sleep bunched up at the surface.  They seem to instinctively know about yabbies even though, having been hatched in a pond, they would not have encountered them before.  Unlike the Gambusia, which slept on the bottom, and were decimated before they caught on and moved upstairs.


About Uisce úr

Though I am old with wandering Through hollow lands and hilly lands, I will find out where she has gone, And kiss her lips and take her hands; And walk among long dappled grass, And pluck till time and times are done, The silver apples of the moon, The golden apples of the sun.
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