It is now a year since I bought my car.  My how time flies.

The Toyota Camry Altise is a perfectly good car, but I feel very little pride of ownership.  Not such as when I bought my last Audi, now so long ago.  I use the Camry occasionally for grocery carting, and very occasionally for a trip, usually because I have a passenger, or because I have to fetch something that won’t fit on a bike.  NOT because the weather is not salubrious for biking.  Never because of that.

Most of the time it just sits there.  I bought it mainly because I hoped I would be using it for picking my daughters up from Perth Airport at some time in the last year and also because I thought they could use it while here.  But I have not seen them for a while except via Skype.  I do miss their company.  Ah well, maybe this year.

Of course, if the Shire had given me personal use of my Shire car, I would not need my own.   But I am not quite high enough up the corporate ladder to rate that little perk. I just get to bring it home at the end of the day.  (But NOT via Woolworths’ carpark).

On the up side, I have a fleet of vehicles from which to choose.


My Fleet


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One Response to Carversary

  1. Observations of a Perpetual Motorcyclist says:

    A nice little fleet, I must say.


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