Mayday May Day

It is May the first.

I nearly had a new bike lined up.

Missed out.  Bugger.

I hate long distance shopping.

Still.  There’s more out there.

No hurry, eh?


About Alan

Alone in a sea of spinifex.
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2 Responses to Mayday May Day

  1. Alan says:

    I have found another. A 2008 Yamaha V star SVS1300 (80 cu inch) Less than 6000 km – 3 700 miles – on the odometer. Heading up to Perth to look at it on Saturday. I can’t believe the low mileages Australians have on their bikes. They are mostly Sunday fair weather riders!


  2. What bike did you plan on getting?… When I bought my Goldwing I bought it from a dealer 1000 miles away… It was that good of a deal. Happy bike hunting…


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