The Voice

“Route recalculation” said the voice in my helmet.

“Didn’t you used to say ‘Recalculating Route’?”  I asked.   “Maybe that was the last one.   The one that died.”  I pulled out of the gas station and headed south down the main road.  Lara did her recalculation and realised I was back on route.  “Drive for 47 kilometres”  she said.  Then “You are over the speed limit” .

“Only for a second” I replied.  I had accelerated a little soon in anticipation of the 80 sign I was passing even as I spoke.

“Well, that’s all right then” said Lara.

“What? Did you just say ‘Well, that’s all right then’?”


I passed a 110 sign and accelerated again.  For devilry I let the speedo drift up to 115.

“You are over the speed limit” .

“Sorry, a momentary lapse” I said, decelerating.  “I really appreciate you pointing it out though.  Thanks”.

“You’re welcome”.


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Alone in a sea of spinifex.
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3 Responses to The Voice

  1. That was good. My wife and daughter named my first GPS Gladys and I talked to her a lot. The next we named Geraldine and then Gypsy and the one on my Goldwing I call Goldie. They all have middle and last names too. All of their initials are G.P.S….


    • Alan says:

      Cheers! A bit of whimsy. I named mine Lara because she sounds like the Lara Croft voice in the videogames. She is not sure she likes that. According to the manual her name is Kate.


      • Funny about the Lara Croft but true… I did have Geraldine on the Kate voice for a while because I liked the Aussie accent. I changed it eventually to the American because Kate didn’t translate TX Hwy 29 to Texas Hwy 29 etc. Sometime the translation was a bit funny…


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