Final Shot: Ziinga + SCAM


they were offering Ipads at $47, one per customer. log in and you end up at a penny auction and have to “buy bids” The Ipads have mysteriously all gone. But they “give” you some free bids, so what the hell, I bid on a phone. Amazingly gosh wow I got it for $1.40. Then i saw the small print and found i was “subscribing” to $89 worth of bids each month for the next three months. I cancelled but next thing i know despite having agreed that I could cancel as in the small print – within 30 days, I found they took money anyway. Not just for the phone but for other costs and of course the subscription I did not want.

Last communication:  And Fuck You.

Ok I can see that the common assessment of your company around the world, as Googled,  is accurate.  Basically you are a scam – dishonest, dishonourable and disreputable.  I should have Googled you before I participated in your fraudulent auction.

 I tried to cancel – according to your own records – within ten days of signing up.  That is well within the thirty days you keep quoting at me.
I have tried dealing directly with you and you hide behind rules which are clearly designed to be interpreted for your own benefit. Most companies would do the right thing because in business, a happy customer is better than a disaffected one.  Clearly you believe that you can screw people over and continue to make a profit because there are a lot of suckers out there.
I have learned a valuable lesson, and I shall share it with everyone I can.
Ziinga Customer Service is an oxymoron.  Ziinga is a scam.  One more hit for Google.

On 10 February 2012 06:57, Irene <> wrote:

Your request (#89338) has been deemed solved.You can always reply back to this message to reopen your ticket.

Irene, Feb 09 23:57 (CET):Hi freshh2o,

Thank you for your response.

I understand where you are coming from, however, our decision is based on our Terms and Conditions. We can no longer process any refunds on your account since it is already beyond 30 days.

If you have further question, please do not hesitate to contact us again. We are available through Live Chat, Phone & Email 24/7.

Ziinga Customer Support

Alan Freshwater, Feb 07 04:38 (CET):OK. I freely admit I did not carefully read the terms and conditions.
However since I cancelled and stated I did not wish to subscribe to
anything, what makes you assume I would cancel without wanting a refund of
money? Bear in mind that I believed I was cancelling BEFORE you took the

We can exchange emails until the cows come home.

For the final time, please do the right thing and refund my money.


Irene, Feb 03 19:40 (CET):Hi freshh2o,

Please be informed, the system is designed in a way that for a payment to go through, there is a box that you need to tick on before submitting a payment. Ticking on that box means that you agreed to the statement that “You are above 18 years old, You accept Ziinga’s Terms and Conditions including Subscription Terms and allow Ziinga to send you e-mails, otherwise the transaction will not go through.

Since that you have read all our Terms and Conditions, it is clearly stated there that “As part of our 30-day return policy, refunds must be claimed within 30 days after the date of sign up” and “We offer a 30-day return policy to all users who purchase any promotional offers.”

Ziinga Customer Support


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6 Responses to Final Shot: Ziinga + SCAM

  1. Jay Shaun says:

    For more understanding about Ziinga, you can Read more about Ziinga Issues


  2. Jay Shaun says:

    I believe your concern is part of the Ziinga’s terms and conditions. I hope you can understand that.


  3. Janina Smith says:

    Hi Alan,

    I am not saying that I am pro Ziinga, but I think Irene is right. We should be responsible reading terms and conditions before we sign up. It is like signing a job offer that we need to read the contract first. Please don’t be pissed off with this comment. I’m trying to help you out.

    Janina Smith


    • Alan says:

      Thanks for your comments. I do understand about terms and conditions. I also understand that an ethical company will have ethical terms and conditions. I also believe and trust that when an ethical company encounters a customer who made a mistake, they would do the right thing, out of consideration and decency. The fact that I am not alone in my experience affirms that my assessment was correct and that Ziinga is at best an unethical moneygrubbing company, and at worst, a total scam.


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  5. Alan says:

    Ok. Even I can make a mistake now and then.

    Last recourse is through the credit card company. I have lodged a claim. We shall see.


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