More About My Bike

My attempt at a home made camera mount for the bike was a failure.  It broke.  Not up to the job.  An inspired thought took me to Google and thence to Camzilla   where I found exactly what I needed, a Manfrotto  Superclamp  And it was on special!  Yay!  It will be here in three days.

After the ride on Friday night I left the ignition on by mistake, and went out later in the evening to see her blinking madly at me, telling me her battery was flattening.  Clever girl, but too late, so I had to push start her this morning.  Not hard though.  She starts sweetly.   I took her for a run out to the “Katanning airport”  then back to town and out around the block to give her a good charge.  To the airport and back and then around the block is about 70Km.  On the ride we passed our 3000th kilometre together since we met.  That is just on half the distance we shall travel in March alone.  According to my notebook, I have bought nearly $300 worth of petrol, and spent almost $850 on maintenance, repairs, new tyres and bling, if you call crash bars and a cupholder bling. The tyres ate  nearly half of that…

Back in Katanning I noticed a shop was open that I had been curious about and went in to see what it held.  It sells antiques, furniture, china and collectibles, books and DVDs -“but only classics” it was pointed out.  I had left the bike idling to ensure the battery was charged.  The woman who owns the shop said “I love that sound.  It is so long since I rode”  She told me about her Harley that she used to have, and bewailed the fact that she was too old  to ride any more.   I guessed she was maybe 70 or so, and in an effort to be gallant I said “Well I am nearly 60 and I am still riding”.  I was completely taken aback when she told me she would be 60 next year.  Flummoxed.  She was a woman of my age.

I bought some classic DVDs from her, for a very good price, and headed for the Chemist to collect my prescription repeats.  Spent a considerable amount more on those.  No choice really.  One thing about NZ I miss is cheap prescriptions.  Still, I’m making up for it in other ways, eh?

Still muddy from the Walpole trip, now the White Lady was dusty too.  Bath time.  I stripped off her seats and saddlebags and she meekly submitted to a jolly good all-over scrubbing, right down to her intimate fiddly bits, that I have to get at with her bottle brush and her electric toothbrush (my old one – not the one I use now).   Dammit, sudsing and sponging her sensuous curves is almost erotic.  I kept getting flashbacks of shared shower memories from a previous life.  It took me until 7pm to get the work done, though I did stop for a siesta break while she dried off in the hottest part of the early afternoon.  I watched “Empire of the Sun” before coming back out to start the polishing.

I took some “before” photos, showing how grubby she was, but it was getting too dark for “after” shots by the time I was done.  Not if I wanted to capture her full gleaming splendour.  I’ll take them in the sunshine tomorrow.


About Uisce úr

Though I am old with wandering Through hollow lands and hilly lands, I will find out where she has gone, And kiss her lips and take her hands; And walk among long dappled grass, And pluck till time and times are done, The silver apples of the moon, The golden apples of the sun.
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