bling and new shoes

I picked up my lady today.  Her new freeway bars gleaming in the sun.   She now has a new front tyre to match the back one.  A pair of Metzeler ME-880 Marathons.  Pep assures me they are the best tyres for handling, safety and durability on a bike such as this.

We went for an after-work spin along the  past the tip and down the back roads to Police Pools.

She definitely handles the gravel a little better, and went well on firm sand, though I still feel a bit uneasy on soft sand.  Anyhow she is not built for that sort of riding.  If I want to ride sand I should get a DT250.  Ah,  but on on the tarmac – Pep was right.  I sure could feel the difference.  A firm grip on the road even if there is a little loose gravel.  Cornering feels safer already, and I was not even going fast.   I was leaning confidently.  Even scraped the foot-board on the road.  Fortunately it has a sacrificial plate for just such eventualities.  Incredible what a difference a few mm of  synthetic rubber can make in the right profile.

I am not sure yet if I will be comfortable using the highway bars as a foot rest so that I can assume a different position now and then as I ride.  It feels a bit high.  Looks cool though.  I may yet have to invest in pegs for an alternative leg position.


At Police Pools


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3 Responses to bling and new shoes

  1. DaveB says:

    Mate, I savor every blog on your runup to this trip. I love that you are doing it, I love that you have such a cool bike to do it on. It’s about time for you to do it for yourself. Get the pegs, strike the pose and ride with style. (Ponytail?) ;-).
    And Oh yeh – I am so fucking jealous…


  2. Alan says:

    She needs a wash and polish.


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