Mundane News

I am a full week overdue for an RDO.  but I have had such a good time at work, feeling productive, that I haven’t felt the urge for a day off.  I should take one next week.  We can’t accumulate RDOs as I understand it.

Yesterday I received confirmation in writing that at last my qualifications have been accepted by the WA Dept of Health.  Some 9 months after I applied and 6 months after I actually started the job here.  But finally.  So now it is time for my performance review of the last 6 months work and hopefully, confirmation of permanent employment.  Also a good time to determine my future activities and aspirations.

Yesterday I also received a nice certificate from FESA confirming I had passed the basic bush firefighter course.  Not that I have any aspirations to become good at that!  In fact if I never see a bushfire it will be very heartening indeed.   But at least I know enough to stay out of the dead zone and keep one foot in the black.

Radiant heat is the enemy.




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Alone in a sea of spinifex.
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One Response to Mundane News

  1. Pilgrim says:

    As you might recall-in Wellington-radiant cold is what kills.
    In Auckland it’s gray boredom.


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