Sunday Ride.

Another bad night for the knee.  Up betimes this morning and washed and polished the bike. The weather had not crapped out as predicted.  No rain at all.  Just bright sunshine, cloudless skies,  and a blustery breeze.  So I figured I would go for another ride.  It was so warm I just wore a jersey rather than my armour and I stuck to sealed roads because I had just cleaned and polished the V-Star.  The wind sure did come up though.  I had quite a buffeting coming home.

Found another Bluetongue basking on the road between Gnowangerup and Broomehill.  I rescued it and brought it home. I fed it and we quickly made friends. (S)he adapted to me very quickly. But I could not keep it in the garden. There are cats around here.  So I released it at the police pools.



I have learned a lot more about them now.


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Alone in a sea of spinifex.
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