The famous Katanning Agricultural Show is coming up.

They have a photography competition which attracts a lot of entries, and winning or placing is locally quite prestigious.   I propose to enter in the monochrome and colour classes.  There is a restriction of 4 entries per class, and the subclasses range from potrait, nature, landscape etc, and “open”.  Since tinted pictures count as monochrome, I thought I might try out some of my better IR photos, and in the colour section perhaps some of my landscapes.


I need to choose the best four, which I believe may be among these, or even go out and take some more.   Leave a recommendation in the comments.

The Colour class has sections such as  animals birds etc in their own environment, landscape, seascape water study or combination, floral study, Sunrise/sunset, orchids, agriculture, open.


Choosing my best four , or best four locally captured images, such as this one, which I quite like:

or these…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Or a portrait such as this one of Granddad and the girls…

Are these my best?  Leave a comment



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3 Responses to Photography

  1. DaveB says:

    I like Granddad and the girls, “the Road” and the bridge span over rippling water. I don’t cotton on to the tinted/IR photos, but like Glenn I do like the harrow.


  2. Pilgrim says:

    I’m fairly sure these do not include all your best.
    I seem to recall some very nice landscapes in the past.


  3. Pilgrim says:

    The one of your dad is good.Old man Crag in the Freshwater Ranges!
    I v.much like the harrow.
    Both the abandoned cottages are good but not great.
    I quite like the sepia river in a valley.
    Good luck.


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