A Reverie on Kalgoorlie

When I was in Ireland, and visited my Grandmother’s birthplace, I discovered in Quin near Ennis in Co. Clare, a memorial to Paddy Hannan, credited with discovering gold at Kalgoorlie.  Last week when I was in Kalgoorlie, I was reminded of this as I encountered a statue of Paddy in the main street.

Paddy Hannon

Kalgoorlie is a very interesting place. The amount of money being made – and spent – there is astounding. I was reading about a chap who made 15million in one afternoon when he found a huge nugget just lying around somewhere that he won’t reveal. The gold in large nuggets sells for up to 7 times its intrinsic value, because collectors like big nuggets… Even a trainee truck driver, or trainee technical assistant (fitter’s mate), starts out on around 86k until their 3 or 6 month probationary period is over, then move onto at least 109k. And that is for 7 day on / 7 day off shifts. Pretty cool. One only has to work 7 days in a fortnight rather than 10. Sometimes the day is longer though. In any case it is not quite the 6 months per year that some mistakenly describe it, but a damn sight better than unemployment, and better than many other forms of employment. What the hell am I doing being a health inspector? Surely some of my technical background fits me for something in Kalgoorlie?


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  1. Pilgrim says:

    You can drive hu?


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