Carbon Trading.

The polluter pays principle states that those who generate pollution and waste should bear the cost of containment, avoidance or abatement. Those who favour carbon trading say that is exactly what they propose to do, but clearly, paying someone else to carry the burden of your carbon emissions must be cheaper than paying the real costs associated with producing pollution. Otherwise why would businesses want to buy carbon credits? I propose to pay a little old lady, who never drives faster than 60k, for the unused proportion of her “speed allowance”. In West Australia she can drive on the open road at 110kph. Since she has 50kph spare when out on her Sunday drive, I should be allowed to buy that difference from her (at a rate lower than the current fine) and drive up to 160kph for the distance she is travelling. If I negotiate with a few little old ladies and a little old man, it might be worth buying a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera and taking it out for a good run. (315kph!) Everyone can see how silly that would be. Why can they not see that just because some developing country is not producing the amount of carbon an industrial nation does, that it is not necessarily a good idea for us to generate their share as well as our own?

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