Four Day Weekend 4


Another sunny morning, not quite as cold as yesterday.  I decided to travel the roads I would  have traversed had I not had the silly collision with a road side log.  So I hopped into the car and set off up the Dumbleyung road until I came to Adam road.  It was not far at all, and the GPS had been right after all in telling me to turn back the other day.  Never mind. I might not have got back through the puddle.  Which incidentally was considerably smaller this morning, and not daunting at all.

(Click on the photos to see them full size).

I then set out to follow random side roads.  Withers, Kelly, on and on until I came to River road, and John’s Well nature reserve.  There I spent a happy hour or so exploring.  Not that I found much except 28s.  I guess the hibernation season has set in.  It certainly was for me yesterday.  I dozed most of the day.  River road and John’s Well reserve are both must-return-tos when I have the bike again.  There is a lot more to explore out that way.

I had a moment of excitement when I thought I spotted a snake on the road. But it was a length of old tow rope.

I had intended to be home by one, but it was well after three by the time I returned via Warren road.  Spotted an emu on the way back.




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