On Existence.

Still hanging in here.  Plenty to do to keep me occupied both at work and in my own time.  No social life whatsoever but I am still pretty content with my own company.  I do miss having someone to talk to occasionally, though.  From the time I leave work, until I return the next day I speak to no one, except perhaps a shop attendant now and then.  No social life whatsoever.  Perhaps I should start hanging around in bars. 

I miss the girls, and my few friends.  Sometimes I think I should get another dog.  Except I would have to take it out in the car when I would probably rather ride the bike.  Besides any dog I get now would probably outlive me. Who would take care of it?   No, a dog is not a good idea. 

Pretty mundane existence really.  I probably should be thinking about a Plan.  I like it here, but am I really going to become a loner?  It feels as if I may.

 I picked up my second hand 2004 Toyota Camry last night.  2.4 litres, automatic, electric everything, cd player and cruise control.  Strangely, I don’t feel the usual sense of elation from acquiring something so important.  I get a bigger thrill from finding Watties baked beans in the supermarket. Even more so if they are on special. 

 So, I have a car now.  Big deal. I guess that attitude suggests I am a biker at heart. It is probably a bad sign but I had a little talk to the bike.  I told her that despite the car intruding into our lives, it was there for pragmatic reasons only, and she was the lady of my life.  That is a bit sad too. 

 I bought the car because there are a very few things one cannot do with a bike, like carry large items home, collect daughters from airports – should they come to visit – go scuba diving or fishing down on the coast and, I suppose, stay warm and dry travelling in the frozen wastes of the Great Southern if I have to take a long non-recreational trip.  I have been repeatedly warned that it gets very cold here in winter.  In fact it has been known to snow, so they say.  I can pretty well believe it.  Some days and many nights have indeed been parky lately.


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Alone in a sea of spinifex.
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2 Responses to On Existence.

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  2. Dave says:

    Hi mate, I sure know the numb bum chum feeling. I love biking but not the sore behind. Most bikes I have owned have done it, a good excuse to stop for a coffee – if they’re available. I’m saving up my airpoints, let me know when you will have some time off. Can’t promise but will sure make it if I can.
    take care.


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