I attended a conference on Thursday and Friday, at the Vines Resort in the Swan Valley, north of Perth. I drove up in the Shire car on Wednesday afternoon. The conference was ok. The Vines was a disappointment. The bed and unit was fine, but the restaurant was crap. So bad that after the first very expensive and very disappointing meal I made do with the free conference lunches and with the orange juice I took with me. There were kangaroos on the golf course, so I took a few photos, but I am on my last battery, and have no charger until my stuff comes. I have a half charged battery left but I am not using it much meanwhile, in case something really interesting pops up.

I stayed with Sue and Steve Friday night, did a little shopping with them Saturday morning, then drove home. I could not wait any longer for my bike gear to come so I bought a cheap armoured jacket to use. I have been very conscious of the fact that I am riding unprotected, and though I have not been caught in any serious rain yet, I did get a bit chilly riding back from Albany last week. So I now have three jackets, or will when the others arrive.  This was a cheap one, only $170 and I got 10% discount from the people from whom I bought the bike.

On Sunday I went for a 200K ride around the block; 40k over to Kojonup, south on the Albany highway to Cranbrook, and back up to home on the Southern highway, which joins the Albany hwy near Cranbrook. It rained a wee bit, but not enough. The whole of Australia has been receiving the highest rainfall in history, except the Great Southern in WA, which is in the lowest 10% ever.

I spotted some good places for photography, to return to as soon as my battery charger comes. Next weekend I shall go up to Perth to have Easter with Sue, Steve and the family, and go for a ride with Steve. His old mate Gerry is riding less now, and Steve has no one to ride with. Later he wants to do a weekender to Albany and across to the west, and I shall probably join him.  We are also planning a cross country two week trip next year with Jamie. We will ship our bikes to Sidney and ride them back. 14 days at 300K or so a day except across the Nullabor, when we will have to do 700 a day. I hope I will still be up to it when the time comes.

I am considering what trips I might do myself, on quiet weekends, when I have a rostered day off, which I get once a month (we work an extra hour each day and then take a day off every month). It might be fun to do a weekender to wave rock, and a wee tour of the Stirling ranges, just south of here. Also a trip to Esperance sometime. They will all involve being away overnight or even two, if I want some time to look around.

There is no movie theatre here. The old barn they used to use is rarely used any more. The closest is Albany, so a trip to a movie would involve a weekend away. However, there is a reasonable video library, which I joined on the weekend. I got out the new Triffids miniseries, which looks pretty good so far.

I just heard yesterday that my stuff will arrive in Fremantle in May, so that is a relief.

About Uisce úr

Though I am old with wandering Through hollow lands and hilly lands, I will find out where she has gone, And kiss her lips and take her hands; And walk among long dappled grass, And pluck till time and times are done, The silver apples of the moon, The golden apples of the sun.
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