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I found this while looking for a post I am sure I wrote the other day, excitedly describing the camera mount I had bought.  Only when I mentioned it in today’s entry, did I realise it is not there.  How does one lose a blog entry?   I went hunting in the “draft” and “private” folders and found this.  Of some historical relevance.  I still don’t know where the other one went.

26 Oct 2010
6 sleeps, and I will be back in NZ.  The girls still don’t know, and I have been busting to tell, but holding off.  I am determined to surprise them.

All my household goods except a few clothes were shipped off yesterday, the bike and canoe with them.  I have been totally stressed out, obsessing about all that is coming up; lawyers, accountants, finding a job, finding somewhere to live, leaving unfinished work here….

The apartment is weird. Without my flat screen and stereo amp, I have only the mp3 player in my phone to listen to.  There is nothing on the TV.  My laptop has no screen. I am using a flatscren at work. I bought this damaged laptop from SOPAC for $400 FJ.  They should have given it to me.  But I can’t use it at home without the flatscreen, and that would have been awkward to take home as luggage.

Back to walking or catching a bus or taxi.  Winding down at work.  It feels as if I have achieved very little, which is a major contributing factor to my decision to resign.  Serious stuff to do at home, and nothing worthwhile or fruitful here going on to make me want to postpone it another 6 months.

counting down…


After a letter from her solicitors requiring me to sell the house and split the divvy, I took stock of my situation, thought it over for a few days to avoid rash decisions and came to the conclusion that I as not happy in Fiji anyway, i seem to be achieving very little in my work, and I would rather get this all over and done with.  But I cannot sell up from here.  the place needs a bit of titivating and someone should be there.  She is in Oz, doing what with whom I do not care to speculate.  So home it is.  My resignation was reluctantly accepted, I have a nice letter from the Director.  In a chat he offered to keep the position open for me until i resolved everything, but I don’t think that wold be fair.

I did not blog any of this because I didn’t want the girls to know how I feel, or what Iwas thinking. Then, I decided I would like to surprise them.

I sent them confirmation of a booking for the Rocky Horror Show in December, but I cunningly concealed that I had booked 3 tickets.

So I came home early.

4 December 21010

I am here now.  I was not very happy in Fiji, for many reasons, not least being separated from my family, but also because the job was not what I had hoped, and proved to be very frustrating. So hard to actually achieve something.  Also I did not find Fiji a very pleasant place to live.  If I was younger and fancy free it may have been different.

In May, June announced by email she wanted a divorce, but when I inquired she would not discuss why. I told her that I would do whatever she wished, but asked if it could wait until I finished my contract, as it would be hard to manage from Fiji.  She did not respond further, and would not reply to my emails, or answer my calls, which made things worse for me over there. The girls were very upset of course, but did not really know what was in their mum’s mind.   I could not come home to sort things out face to face because I could not afford it, having sent home every penny I earned apart from what I needed for groceries and a bit of petrol for my bike.  Besides, it turned out (from the girls) she was in Australia somewhere most of the time anyway. She had been pretty much living in Australia since early in the year and the girls hardly saw her.  They don’t really have any idea of what is going on either. She then followed up in September with a solicitor’s letter requiring me to sell the house and split everything up.  So at that stage I resigned and came home.   I met with June a couple of weeks back, when she made a flying visit from Oz, on her way to Solomon Islands to see her ailing mum.  She started sorting out some of her stuff then left again.  But while here she still would not discuss the situation other than insist on the separation and division of property.  So I am just trying to get on with it.  At present I have no job and have been trying for a month, but it looks as if I may have to take a position in Australia too.  I know there are some vacancies coming up in NZ early next year, one in Nelson which might be nice, but I am not sure I can wait that long. There seem to be a lot of suitable vacancies in Oz.  So I have been applying there too.  In the meantime I am trying to get this place sorted out to sell, and get rid of, or store, all the accumulated stuff of the years.

So that is the story so far.  I won’t be sending out Christmas cards this year, but I wish you all the very best of the season!

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Though I am old with wandering Through hollow lands and hilly lands, I will find out where she has gone, And kiss her lips and take her hands; And walk among long dappled grass, And pluck till time and times are done, The silver apples of the moon, The golden apples of the sun.
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