So – Naturopaths are demanding that the food police stop toys being sold with ” unhealthy meals”.  Much as I personally dislike McDonalds, I think we should all take offence at this PC bullshit.  More so because it is naturopaths making this call.  People who do not have any scientific evidence for the effectiveness of 99% of their products.  At least McDonalds can prove the nutritional content of their food.  It is only unhealthy if you don’t eat anything else.  Naturopathic remedies are actually far more unhealthy, unless you happen to be suckered by the placebo effect.  .

Naturopaths are calling on the Government to follow the lead of state authorities in the United States and ban fast-food companies from giving toys away with unhealthy meals.

San Francisco and Santa Clara County are about to pass laws requiring restaurant meals for children to meet strict nutritional standards before they can be sold with toys.

If the law takes affect, toys will only be given away with meals that have less than 600 calories, contain fruits and vegetables and include beverages without excessive fat or sugar.

Fight the Obesity Epidemic spokesperson, Robyn Toomath, says the proposed law would be more effective than offering healthy choices, like fresh fruit and water, which don’t have an explicit reward system.

McDonald’s says a number of its Happy Meals in this country do meet the calorie, sodium, sugar and fat criteria required under the proposed law.

New Zealand Society of Naturopaths spokesperson, Jaine Kirtley says unscrupulous marketing encourages children to choose foods, which put them at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer in later life.

About one in 10 New Zealand children aged five to 14 are obese, and a further 20 percent are overweight.

Mrs Kirtley says it’s not fair to blame children and their parents for making poor choices when they are being bombarded with millions of dollars advertising.

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